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makes coffee roasting a pleasure

roasco is made of borosilicate glas which, thanks to its ideal properties (high temperature resistance, scratch-resistance, dishwasher-safe, hygienic, tasteless) and full transparency, makes coffee roasting a pleasure. combined with the connecting element, a stainless steel quick-release clamp that fixes the two glas halves, roasco gets a rustically touch - inspired by old chemical glasses. after all, coffee really has a lot do do with chemistry. there are well over a hundred recommendations to roast the perfect coffee. roasco supports roasting at home with its simplicity in use and its absolute transparency, which creates a lovely stage for the eclectic color nuances of coffee. due to it's handy-size, roasco fits on the smallest stove plate, without energy loss. the opening in the upper glas body regulates the pressure release and the air supply. coffee beans can be turned as desired, the extended neck inside makes that beans can't fall out while roasting.

may 2018

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